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HELPING GOOD PEOPLE                                  
                            LEARN HOW TO MAKE GOOD MONEY

HELPING GOOD PEOPLE                                  
                            LEARN HOW TO MAKE GOOD MONEY

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of
RINDER TRADE's Signal Provider Service

The following process will walk you through the steps of activating your membership, signing up and linking your brokerage account to the trade replicator service, and creating a profile to track your individual account's results​
   1.  Complete the Registration Process
Complete the registration form below and agree to our
Terms & Conditions to officially begin your
RINDER TRAD​E Signal Provider Service  membership.  
Signal Provider Registration Form

Thank you!

2.  Select a Forex Broker​
The RINDER TRAD​E Signal Provider Service  will work with any Forex Broker that supports the MetaTrader4 (MT4) trading platform.
RINDER TRAD​E  currently uses OANDA as our preferred broker but you are free to choose any broker that meets your needs.
RINDER TRAD​E  utilizes an introducing broker called Forest Park FX to help our customers lower their trading costs.  An introducing broker is a firm that operates between retail traders (like you and me) and the major brokers.  They offer a rebate program as well as a number of other services for traders including helping them select the best broker for their specific objectives and trading style.  Here's a snip-it from Forest Park FX's website:
If you choose to utilize Forest Park FX as an introducing broker AND choose OANDA as your broker, please click here.  The link will take you to the form to open your brokerage account and you will automatically be signed up for Forest Park FX's rebate program.  You will receive a monthly check from Forest Park FX and the amount will vary based on your activity level and trade size.

If you choose a broker other than OANDA but would still like to utilize Forest Park FX or have questions about their rebate program, please contact them directly:
   3.  Open and Fund your Forex Broker​age Account
Complete the broker application process and ensure that you select MetaTrader4 (MT4) as your trading platform.  
IMPORTANT:  At some point in the application process, you'll be given an MT4 account number, broker server name, and password.  This information is critical for the trade copier service.  Keep it in a safe location.
Follow the broker's instructions regarding how to fund your account.​
   4.  Create a Trade Copier Account
Click on the Trade Copier link that was included in your "Welcome" email from RINDER TRADE  and complete the steps in the slideshow below to create your account with 4xSolutions, our trade copier service.
REMINDER:  The trade copier service (4xSolutions) is not associated with 
RINDER TRADE  and requires a separate registration and payment process.

The  trade copier service recently changed this process.  Contact RINDER TRADE for assistance if needed until we are able to update this page.

Step 1 of 11 - Trade Copier Service

4xSolutions - 1.png
   5.  Track your results with (optional) 
RINDER TRAD​E  uses a 3rd party company,, to track and verify all of our trading results.  They provide a comprehensive metrics package and summary dashboard for each account which includes:
Any Forex Trader can utilize their free service.  Click on the link and complete the steps in the slideshow below to create a profile with
  • Gain (Overall Account Growth)

  • Drawdown

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Statistics

  • Profitability (Win-Loss Ratio)

  • Profit Factor ($ made vs $ lost)

  • Open & Pending Trade Details

  • Trade History

  • Exposure

  • Monthly Profit Charts

  • And MORE


Step 1 of 9 - Performance Tracking

MyFxBook - 1.png
A Few Final Thoughts
  • Take the time to review our Frequently Asked Questions section here.  There is a lot of good information in there.
  • We will take losses.  That is a normal part of trading.
  • We will have drawdowns (open trades that are losing money).  Be patient and wait for the trade to play out.
  • If the drawdown is too uncomfortable for you, consider lowering your "Amount To Mirror" in the trade copier.  This will also decrease your overall gains.
  • We will go on winning streaks.  Do not get greedy and never increase your "Amount To Mirror" above 100%.
  • Depending on the strategy, there will be times when we don't take or close many trades.  If the market isn't giving us a good setup, we won't take a new trade.  If our open trades are taking their time to hit their full targets, we won't close them just to show a monthly profit.
  • After a number of months and if you are satisfied with our service, please tell others about us.  We do not advertise and we only grow through referrals.  
RINDER TRAD​E  is committed to your success.
If you have any questions regarding our service or any
of these processes, please let us know.  We'd be happy to help.
Mike Rinderknecht
(c) 612-965-0520
(o) 763-276-7577
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