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HELPING GOOD PEOPLE                                  
                            LEARN HOW TO MAKE GOOD MONEY

HELPING GOOD PEOPLE                                  
                            LEARN HOW TO MAKE GOOD MONEY



RINDER TRADE 's Forex Mentorship Program was designed to help new and struggling traders learn to think and trade like a professional.  

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Trade with the trend.  Protect your capital. 

Avoid large losses, deep drawdowns, and margin calls.

Learn from our past experiences and our community of dedicated and helpful traders.

Live Education Sessions
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Regularly scheduled interactive webinars that help build the foundation for your forex education.

Learn fundamental analysis, technical analysis, currency relationships, margin management, currency pair filtering techniques, and how to think like and trade like a successful, professional trader.


Daily Trading Rooms
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Daily interactive webinars where we apply the lessons taught in the Education Sessions.

We review market-moving news and fundamental announcements, discuss directional bias, filter and prioritize currency pairs of interest, review the charts, and identify possible trade plans.


Custom Tools & Indicators
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Trading tools to help simplify fundamental analysis, identify currency strength, filter trading opportunities, manage margin, and calculate lot sizes. 

Custom charting indicators to help determine current market direction, confirm support and resistance levels, identify possible entries, and locate high-probability take profit zones.



"Ask Me Anything" Sessions
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Live interactive "Ask Me Anything" sessions where members choose the topics.

Pick the brains of our professional traders to ask about anything trading related.  Each week we'll review a different topic such as charting software, trading platforms, trader's psychology, daily routines, best practices, and anything else that you want to discuss.



24x7 Member Chat Room
Chat Room Image.jpg

24x7 chat room utilizing Telegram to share ideas, ask questions, assist other traders, and connect with fellow members.

Our community includes traders of all skill levels, including successful and dedicated professional traders.  Our positive, encouraging, and collaborative environment allows all of our members to learn, grow, and assist each other.


Funded Trading
Funded Trading image.png

After completing our Mentorship Education Series, our members have the option to purchase a "Funded Trading" Evaluation.

Prove that you can trade responsibly and
get funded with up to $1 Million of 
...and you keep  
0%  of the gains!

One time fee.  No time limits.
No minimum trades required.



What our Members are Saying

Past performance is not indicative of future results


Before You Subscribe

RINDER TRADE 's Forex Mentorship Program utilizes 3rd-party programs and services for our interactive live webinars, charting indicators and dashboards, margin-management tools, and trade filtering tools.  All of them currently offer a free version.

  • Telegram:  (click here for the desktop app)

    • Communication and chat service used for interactive webinars, group discussions, and automated trade alerts

    • Status:  Required to participate in live sessions and the chat room

    • Cost:  Free

  • TradingView:  (click here for a discount on paid subscriptions)

    • Charting software that includes access to our custom indicators, charting tools, and market analysis summary tools

    • Status:  Very highly-recommended in order to utilize a majority of our indicators and dashboards

    • Cost:  Free Basic Version or Fee-Based Advanced Versions

  • Google Sheets:  (click here to create a new account)

    • Web-based spreadsheet program (requiring a Gmail account) used to access the RINDER TRADE  Tools & Calculators resources

    • Status:  Recommended in order to utilize our currency strength and margin management tools

    • Cost:  Free 

RINDER TRADE has partnered with other great businesses to help you save money on common expenses for forex traders.  Visit our Partners page to learn more.

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  • Mentorship (Monthly)

    Every month
    Mentorship Program

Subscriptions will automatically renew at the end of each term and can be managed from your Account Page.

Want to chat with us before deciding to become a member?

Join us on Telegram in our RINDER TRADE  Mentorship Preview channel to ask questions or request a live interactive session to learn more.

Website Logo Chart 3_edited.jpg

TRADING IS SIMPLE...                 
                                                      IT'S JUST NOT EASY

TRADING IS SIMPLE...                 
                                                      IT'S JUST NOT EASY

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