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HELPING GOOD PEOPLE                                  
                            LEARN HOW TO MAKE GOOD MONEY

HELPING GOOD PEOPLE                                  
                            LEARN HOW TO MAKE GOOD MONEY

About Us

RINDER TRADE  is owned and operated by full-time professional Forex Traders

We are NOT Financial Advisors, Commodity Trading Advisors, or Money Managers.
We will never have access to your money, your trading accounts, or your login credentials.
We provide education, mentorship, tools, best practices, and a community of helpful traders.
We show you what we are doing but we do NOT give trading advice.


Our Forex Education Story

Our team has experience trading stocks, options, futures, and crypto but our primary focus is forex.

Early on in our journey to become professional traders, we each sat through countless sales webinars, spent small fortunes on education and automation, attended trading rooms where the instructor's trading style (and account size) did not match ours, tried way too many "Too Good To Be True" courses, traded strategies that generated incredible gains for a period of time only to give it all back when the market conditions changed, and have each uttered the phrase "Once I'm out of this trade,  I'm never doing that again".
In other words...We've been where many of you are now.

All of the wasted time, money, and sleepless nights taught us some very important lessons.  
     We learned that what works for some, won't work for all.
     We learned that "more" isn't always "better" when it comes to indicators, strategies, and courses.
     We learned what NOT TO DO. 

Then we set out to find what does work.  How does the "Smart Money" trade?  Why do more than 90% of retail traders fail?  What are we missing?

Our Answer: 
Follow the money!  The fundamentals drive currency strength. 
Wait for the market to align to your directional bias.
Use technical analysis to time your entries and exits.
Trading is hard work and takes discipline.

There is no Holy Grail of Trading.
Be patient when waiting for a trade to setup. 
Be patient when letting your winners run. 
Do NOT be patient when the market turns against you.



Our Goal

Trading is a lonely business for many people, especially if you are new, struggling, or are trying to trade a strategy that doesn't match your personality or your account size.  Where do you go for help?  Many Forex Education companies are too busy trying to sell you the next greatest strategy rather than helping you learn the basics of why the market moves.  Many online gurus are more concerned about their subscriber count than they are about answering your individual questions.

That's where we come in. 
Our live Educational Sessions cover all aspects of forex trading:  forex basics, fundamental analysis, and technical analysis.  Our Daily Trade Room reviews our trade plans and exactly what we are seeing in the markets.  Our AMA (ask me anything)  / Best Practices sessions are structured around you and the topics or tools that you want to learn more about.  Our indicators, tools, and dashboards give you structure to help you determine your own trade plan.

Most importantly, our member chat room allows you to connect with fellow members.  We are creating a community of successful, independent-thinking traders.  Our positive, encouraging, and collaborative environment allows all of our members to learn, grow, and assist each other in the journey to become profitable forex traders. 

We are honest, caring, and dedicated to help you find success in the forex market.  


Website Logo Chart 3_edited.jpg

TRADING IS SIMPLE...                 
                                                      IT'S JUST NOT EASY

TRADING IS SIMPLE...                 
                                                      IT'S JUST NOT EASY

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