HELPING GOOD PEOPLE                               

                                                      MAKE GOOD MONEY

           HELPING GOOD PEOPLE                               

                                                      MAKE GOOD MONEY

Take the same trades as a
Professional Forex Trader
without ever having to look at a chart
Forex Trading Signals

What is it?

Forex Trade Signals ​are trade ideas...the exact trades that we take in our own accounts.  Our trade ideas are fully automated and include currency pairs, entries, stops, limits, and position sizes (as a percent of account balance).  RINDER TRADE  is not a financial advisor or money manager.  We will never have access to your account or your money.  All trading decisions are the responsibility of the trader.

Who is it for?

Any trader or investor who wants to take the same trades as a professional Forex Trader.  We encourage our customers to have a starting account size of at least $25,000 in order to have the best opportunity to mimic our trades and trading results.

How are the strategies performing?

All of our strategies are third-party tracked and verified.  Past performance is not indicative of future results.  

Our top-performing strategies are displayed below:

Our Signal Provider Members Area contains a detailed overview of each strategy, including Win Rate expectations, Ideal Market Conditions, Strategy Weaknesses, and Investor Profiles to help match our customers to their preferred strategy. 

An expanded metrics package for all of our strategies can be found on

Strategy Start Date:  Apr 2021

* Restarted Sep 2021 due to broker issues.  Full history available upon request.


What does it cost?

The RINDER TRADE  Forex Signal Provider service is a referral-only limited-space membership.  Due to the nature of the service and the technology involved, it is not cheap and it is not for everyone.  If you are a serious investor with at least $25,000 to invest and would like to learn more, please click below or email us at


RINDER TRADE is owned and operated
by a full-time professional trader

Our Goal

Provide anyone the opportunity to receive the same results as a professional trader without spending years learning the Forex Market

Too many traders fail before they ever get a chance to succeed

RINDER TRADE  might just be the missing piece to your financial
goals in the Forex Market

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Introducing Broker:  Forest Park FX
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